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The name of this site stands for: Training Service in health and sports. The contents are intended for academic purposes and distance learning.

VitraServ - Life Kinetik for All


The content of this web site is used by Dr. habil Harald Polster to teach at Toyo University Faculty of Human Life Design [Sports and Health]. If there are any suggestions, corrections or comments, please tell us without hesitation.

This site should be used from students in order to prepare for the lecture and to improve their English skills.

Educational Guidelines


Detailed guidelines for my classes are included in the SYLLABUS pages of Toyo University. My principal ideas of teaching sports at university are as follows:

  1. The attendance rate of the class is an important point of evaluation. However, it is not enough just to participate and not showing an active and supportive contribution!
  2. Beginners should not worry about their insufficient skill level. Beginners with a positive attitude and willingness to learn are very welcome!
  3. The communication measure of the class is an essential method of teaching. Therefore students are encouraged to approach the teacher in multiple (English, German, Japanese) - especially foreign languages!
  4. Please talk always honestly about worries and problems to the teacher. You can have a variety of remedies in response to a straightforward consultation!
  5. Physical education and sports is not just “moving the body”. It involves also willingness, thoughtfulness and emotional states as e.g. winning and losing. Please take attention and be aware while you are moving!

Themes & Schedule

2019-04-12 Orientation - History, Origin and Actual Trends of Life Kinetik. Lecture
2019-04-19 Psycho-motor Concept . Lecture
2019-04-26 Distinguishing Motor Abilities: Motor skills versus motor abilities. Practice
2019-05-10 Health Benefits Part 1: From Preschool-Age up to Senior-Age. Lecture
2019-05-17 System of 6+3 Coordination Abilities. Lecture&Practice
2019-05-24 Methodology of Coordination Training. Lecture
2019-05-31 Methodology of Life Kinetik Training. Lecture
2019-06-07 Life Kinetik and Coordination Training Methods. Practice
2019-06-14 Diagnostic of Psycho-Motor Abilities - Coordination Tests. Lecture
2019-06-21 Testing and Evaluating personal Motor Abilities. Practice
2019-06-28 Health Benefits Part 2: From Movement Therapy up to Performance Sports. Lecture
2019-07-05 Long-term Coordination Training and Performance Development in Sports. Lecture
2019-07-12 General Life Kinetik Training: Sensory-motor Training. Lecture&Practice
2019-07-19 Specific Coordination Training: Sports-oriented Training. Practice
2019-07-26 “My Personal Life Kinetik Program”. Final Training Term Quiz Workshop


Survey Schedule

 Spring Semester Entry Survey 12.04.- 19.04.


Final Quiz 15.07.- 26.07.


Teacher Profile

  University Career

-1993 DHfK / University Leipzig
1993- Hitotsubashi University Tokyo
1998-2001 Juntendo University Tokyo
2005- Kougei University Tokyo
2015- Musashino Art University
2016- ToYo University Tokyo


  Coaching Experience

1997-1998 Nagano Olympic – National Coach Japanese Luge (NAOC)

National Coach Japanese Luge Team (JOC)

1999-2002 Mental Coach ISUZU Basketball Team
1985- Instructor Coordination Training


Country:  Germany

Languages: English, Japanese

Instructor Tai Chi
Shiatsu Practitioner