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       第1回 :   挨拶、自己紹介          [Greetings, Self-Introduction]


Every Day Good Morning!
Good Afternoon!
Good Evening!
Good Night!
Special Happy Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Good Luck!
Well Done!
Get well soon!
Shaking hands How do you do? [Hello!] I'm fine thanks, and you?
Not too bad.
Pleased to meet you!
Goodbye. Nice to have met you.
Bye. It was nice to meet you.
Formal It's nice to see you again. What a pleasant surprise! How are you? 
Good morning.  How are you today? I'm very well thank you.  And you?
Introducing Hello. My name is …
I am 26 years old.
I have a part-time job at….
I study at Musabi University Tokyo.
I am a 3rd grade student.
I live in Mitaka.
I come from Germany.
I was born in Kyoto.
I like reading books.
I am good at playing Basketball.