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Defense Skills

Defense Types

Man to man - is an aggressive defensive strategy. In this strategy, each defender is assigned to guard a specific offensive player and he follows him where ever he goes on the court.

Zone Defense - Each defender guards a specific area of the court rather than a player. There are various kinds of zone defense, generally described by a set of numbers.

Pressure Defense - A team plays zone or man to man defense on entire court to create pressure on offensive players.


Weight should be on the balls of the feet. Feet should be about shoulder width apart. Keep knees bent and back straight. Keep head up, eyes forward, arms out with palms up and elbows bent a little. Watch the offensive player's belly-button, especially if he/she is quick and hard to stay with. 

Slides / Steps

When guarding opponents, slide feet sideways, using quick, short steps, and don't get feet crossed. Don't hop. If getting beat in the open floor, - turn and sprint after your opponent. Once you get in front again, get back into defensive stance.


A screen or "pick" occurs when an offensive player attempts to block, or "screen", a defensive player away from the man he is guarding, thereby freeing up that offensive player for an open shot or pass. The screener must make contact with (but not foul, hold or push) the defender. Get feet wide and do not move feet once you have established the screen. Keep arms tucked into your chest. Screen Types: • Ball-screen or front screen • Back-screen • Down-screen • Cross-screen or lateral screen


Rebounds are divided into two main categories: "offensive rebounds", in which the ball is recovered by the offensive side and does not change possession, and "defensive rebounds", in which the defending team gains possession. The first important aspect of rebounding is getting inside position and "boxing out". After that attack the ball, jumping high with both arms extended, grab it strongly with both hands, and get a quick accurate outlet pass to a teammate.