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Basketball Introduction

In this page, we provide a brief introduction of basketball. General basketball terms are explained, have been arranged in alphabetical order. Please refer to the basketball term you are interested.

Source: http://www.fibaeurope.com/

Basketball Glossary [ A - H ]

Advance step: A step in which the defender's lead foot steps toward their man, and her back foot slides forward. 
Assist: A pass thrown to a player who immediately scores.

Backcourt: The half of the court a team is defending. The opposite of the frontcourt. Also used to describe parts of a team: backcourt = all guards (front court= all forwards and centers)
Ball side: The half of the court (if the court is divided lengthwise) that the ball is on. Also called the "strong side." The opposite of the help side. 
Bank shot: A shot that hits the backboard before hitting the rim or going through the net. 
Baseball pass: A one-handed pass thrown like a baseball. 
Baseline: The line that marks the playing boundary at each end of the court. Also called the "end line." 
Block: (1) A violation in which a defender steps in front of a dribbler but is still moving when they collide. Also called a "blocking foul." (2) To tip or deflect a shooter's shot, altering its flight so the shot misses. Block out: To make contact with an opposing player to establish rebounding position between the player and the ball. Also called "box out." 
Bounce pass: A pass that bounces once before reaching the receiver. 
Box out: See block out. 

Center: (1) The position in which a player, usually the tallest player on the team, stays near the basket. (2) The player who plays that position. 
Center circle: The painted circle at midcourt used for the opening jump ball. 
Charge: (1) A violation when a player with the ball runs into a defender who is standing still. Also called a "charging foul." (2) To commit that violation. 
Chest pass: An air pass thrown from the passer's chest to a teammate's chest. It can be a one-handed or two-handed pass. 
Chin the ball: To hold the ball with both hands under the chin, elbows out, to protect the ball. 
Control dribble: A dribble maneuver in which the player keeps their body between the defender's body and the ball. 
Crossover dribble: A dribble maneuver in which a player dribbles the ball in front of their body so they can change the ball from one hand to the other. 
Cut: A sudden running movement to get open for a pass.

Defensive rebound: A rebound made off a missed shot at the basket a team is defending. 
Double down: To drop from the perimeter, leaving your man or zone, to double-team a low post player. 
Double low stack: When two offensive players set up at one of the blocks to run a play. 
Double-teaming: A defense in which two defenders guard the same offensive player at the same time. 
Dribble: (1) To advance the ball by bouncing it on the floor. (2) The bounce of the ball caused by a player pushing the ball downward. 
Drive: To attack the basket by dribbling hard at it. 

End line: See baseline.
Entry: Beginning of a play. Can be used for Continuous-, Set- and Special plays.

Fast break: A play in which a team gains possession of the ball (through a defensive rebound, steal, or made shot) and then pushes the ball toward the other basket as fast as possible, hoping to catch the other team off guard and score an easy shot. 
Field goal: A 2-or 3-point basket. 
Flagrant foul: Excessive physical contact (punching, kicking, etc.). 
Forward: A position usually played by a tall, athletic player. A "small forward" or a "3" plays on the wing, and a power forward or a "4" plays in the high or low post area. 
Foul: A violation of the rules. 
Foul line: See free throw line. 
Foul shot: See free throw. 
Foul trouble: (1) Player foul trouble occurs when a player accumulates three or four fouls and is in danger of fouling out. (2) Team foul trouble occurs when a team accumulates four or more team fouls in a quarter and is "in the bonus." 
Free throw: An uncontested shot taken from the free throw line as a result of a foul. Also called a "foul shot." A successful (made) free throw is worth 1 point. 
Free throw line: The line a player stands behind to shoot a free throw. Also called the "foul line." 
Front: To guard a player by standing directly in front of him and therefore between him and the ball. 
Frontcourt: A team's offensive half of the court. The opposite of the backcourt. Also used to describe parts of a team: front court = all forwards and centers, backcourt = all guards
Full-court press: A man-to-man or zone defense in which the players guard the other team in the frontcourt. Also called a "press." 

Guard: (1) A position on the perimeter. The point guard or "1" brings the ball up the court and begins the offense. The shooting guard or "2" is usually the team’s best outside shooter. (2) To defend an offensive player closely. 
Guide hand: The shooter's non-shooting hand.

Half-court line:
 The line at the center of the court parallel to the sidelines that divides the court in half. Also called the "midcourt line." 
High post: The area around the free throw line. 
Hook shot: A one-handed shot taken with a sweeping, windmill motion.