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Tai ChiSelf Defense:     Movements

Warm-Up (Bakkin-Kotsu)


Basics of Tai Chi are to unplug the power of the body. Therefore, the Tai Chi lesson starts with preparation exercises which follow specific routines. While shaking arms and stretching joints, usually, but not consciously, unnecessary force will be removed from the body.


Pushing HandsSui-Shyu


It is a Tai Chi sparring exercise. The steady right hand touch and out-stepped left feet compose a partnership. When practicing alone one has to sense hands and feet of the opponent's moves. Pushing-Hand exercises especially unplug the power from the upper body.

< Points >

 • Unplug the power from arms, let shoulders and elbow sink to protect own upper body.

 • Keep body balance, while repeatedly offensive and defensive moves are changing.

 • Axis of upper body should kept upright, while the torso and the waist are twisting.


Because originally Tai Chi belongs to martial arts, the idea of self-defense is a crucial point of understanding and practicing Tai Chi. To some extent, one has to remember movement sequences by itself and then practice the use in combination with a partner. This is also by no means a solid practice, likewise performed slowly while defending attacks.  However, to apply Tai Chi techniques in a paired-up formation implements fun and as well a sense of usefulness.

Tai Chi Sei-Sou

The entire form of Sei-Sou Tai Chi consists of 99 movement sequences. In the basic beginner course the first 14 sequences will be taught.

Because Tai Chi contains small and slowly performed movements, the desired effect is primarily health. A curtain grade of body attention and understanding the meaning of patiently moving will be important to learn Tai Chi.


• Firmly feel the soles of the feet.

• Hands will move according to the movement of the hip (hip is important!).

• Keep breathing naturally while moving.

• Match consciousness and behavior, let's move slowly.

• The order of transmitting energy: foot → waist → hand.

• Let's control the body while moving.


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